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Cultural Awareness Workshop – Ahold Europe/Albert Heijn to go Germany

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Cultural Awareness WorkshopCultural differences and similarities are sometimes ignored, sometimes underestimated and sometimes not noticed at all. To prepare a successful market entry into Germany, the Dutch Retail Company Ahold Europe asked typicall-german to create a workshop. The goal was to minimize cultural related misunderstandings between the Dutch and the German teams.

The one-day workshop consisted of practical exercises and activities. The focus was on the reciprocal perception of both cultural groups and the reflexion on own behaviors. Prejudices were named as well as things which were appreciated with the particular other group. In cooperation with a Dutch Consultancy company a presentation was held: „ Live, work & learn in the DeUTCHLANDS“.

Cultural Awareness WorkshopA questionnaire determined the „Most Typical German“  (the winner was a Dutch group member) and as a common achievement a „Cultural Awareness Card“ was created by all team members, which will further on remind all participants on this success- and joyful day. This will be the basis for a constructive cross-border cooperation.