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Celebrate success

July 26, 2013 Von: Anja Spohr Kategorie: Working in Germany Noch keine Kommentare →

One of my project partners from the Netherland shortly asked me if we should celebrate our first milestones, which we successfully reached already. Why that, I replied, we are not ready yet and we still have lots of things to do. My project partner looked a bit flabbergasted. The German saying  “First get things done before you can have fun” is obviously very up to date . Almost slavishly the Germans stick to their action lists which they created themselves (or got it from others). After everything has been done, ok, then we could maybe think about having some fun and celebrate that we finished our tasks. But of course in a reasonable way and not too early, you never know if you are really done with everything…. And also, if we were really successful.

Calculated optimism or fishing for compliments?

So, what is it all about, do we like to get more recognition than we deserve or do we hide our light under a bushel? Or are we just fun killers? Proactively promoting ourselves is maybe not our biggest strength. False modesty? Or don’t we have the heart  to be proud of what we accomplished? Let’s face it, the first time, that we really showed ourselves being proud and happy was during and after the Football World Championship 2006, when the world recognized this event as the “German Sommermärchen”. We proudly showed the German flag and announced: yes, this is our success and we celebrate it! And now we surely can be happy on the success to have reached the final at the  Women’s Football European Championchip.