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Recognition of Foreign Degrees Gets a Green Light

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New Rules Now Apply for the Recognition of Foreign Certifications and Degrees

On April 1, the so-called work qualification acceptance law (BQFG – Berufsqualifikationsfeststellungsgestz) will be put into action. Those who have completed a degree or acquired certification in a foreign country, now have the right to have such certifications reviewed for recognition. Previously, nationality and resident status were part of the reviewing criteria. Today the review is based solely on content. This is a big step by the German government toward responding to the scarcity of qualified workers in Germany.

Improving opportunities in the German job market

Approximately 300,000 people in Germany will profit from the new law. Those with certifications acquired in their homeland may now be able to have their degrees officially acknowledged in Germany. This is an important step for many individuals, further improving their situation in the current job market, not only in the actual search but also in the compensation of their performance.

Applicants possess certification and a desire to work in Germany

The review for equivalency will be based of officially formulated criteria, such as content and length of the training. The application for recognition may be placed by anyone in possession of a foreign certification or degree and has the purpose of gainful employment in Germany. This option is not available to those without certification or a degree from another country.

Reference to German occupations for comparison

The central factor in the reviewing procedure will be to use German occupations as a reference in the comparison process. It will be officially reviewed as to whether or not there are essential differences between the foreign degrees and the German occupational qualifications. Work experience, both foreign and domestic, may be an additional factor in the reviewing process.

Important for all applicants: All statements and information must be documented. For further information please go to